We trade grains

Company’s management is trading grains for over 20 years. You will find in us a great partner.

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Many types of products

We have many types of clients, so we are able to sell a wide range of products.

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We trade grains, oilseeds and mills products

We pay our suppliers on spot or on delivery

We provide transport for the products

We respect the delivery schedule



The cereals we trade are closely checked in order to be sure we always offer only good quality products.

Wheat for Panification

Over 80% of the wheat cultivated in Romania is good for panificaton. We trade it the whole year in any quantity.


Barley is used for food, animal feed and industrial usage. In Romania, most of the barley is used for compound feed.

Feed wheat

Fodder wheat is used by the large farmers. We can help you sell it and we are able to provide a constant quality in any amount throughout the year.

Two-row barley

Two-row barley is is mainly used as raw material in the beer industry. Our agents are available and we assure you that they will give you the best price.


Romania is the second producer of corn in Europe. We are the best partner for trading it.


We provide constant quality in any amount throughout the year.


We buy and sell oilseeds of different types.


In 2014, Romania was the largest producer of sunflower in the European Union.


Canola is one of the most profitable crops in Romania. We are committed to help you maximize your profit from your culture.


It is not cultivated on large areas in Romania, but our agents can help you to market it in optimum conditions.

Other oilseeds products

Grist of soya
Grist of SunFlower

Milling products

Do you want to sell or buy milling products? We can help you.
We exporty bran and flour.


We can provide any type of flour tailored to the client’s production. We sell flour 480, flour 650 and special flours.


In Romania corn is grown on large areas primarily for processing it to obtain maize. In Romania se cultiva porumb pe suprafete mari, scopul principal fiind procesarea lui pentru obtinerea malaiului. Our maize is fine-grain.


We provide constant quality in any amount throughout the year.

Feed maize

We provide constant quality in any amount throughout the year.




Other products

Peas, sorghum, mustard

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Services for suppliers

Selling goods at reasonable price

We will offer the best price for your products. Our agents will ensure that the sale will be quick and safe and they are always at your disposal.

Payment on spot or at delivery

Our company can pay you on spot for your products or on delivery. Contact an agent now to discuss the details.

Good quality of products

All the products are checked to be sure we offer the best quality.

The sale is assured

We guarantee that you will receive your money from the transaction. Our agent will ensure that you are happy with the transaction.

We provide transport

We know that transport is an extra cost to you. Therefore we assure transport of your products using efficient trucks and qualified personnel.

Our agents

Our agents are waiting to meet you and work with you on long term. Call now to get in touch with them and find out all the answers you need.

Services for clients

Seriousness in execution of contracts

We respect the contractual terms and we are committed to provide the best products and services.

We meet the deadlines

We know that timely delivery of products is the key to success in this area. Therefore, we always meet the deadlines agreed with you.

The products are carefully checked

All products sold by us are checked to ensure that we have the best quality.

Brokerage services

Whether you are from Romania or abroad, we can mediate the selling of your products.

We provide transport

We can provide the necessary logistics for transporting your products using advanced transport and qualified personnel.

Our agents

Our agents are waiting to meet you and work with you on long term. Call now to get in touch with them and find out all the answers you need.

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Nationwide coverage

The main area of interest is in the south, but also other agricultural regions are covered by our representatives, being present in the territory they can meet all the customer’s requirements in the shortest time and with the highest degree of professionalism.

About us

Aetos company

The main activity of the company is trading with raw agricultural products and milling products. The management’s experience of over 20 years is a guarantee of offering products and services at high standards.

Our suppliers are direct manufacturers, big and small grain traders. Company’s clients are the milling plants, animal farms and large grain traders.





ISO 9001  Quality Management System

Quality Management System is a management system oriented towards respecting all client requirements by the service / product provided by us.

Quality Management System is the assurance that the organization is customer-oriented  or rather oriented towards respecting all client requirements by the service / product provided by us.

What is ISO 9001:2008 ?

It is an international standard containing criteria for documentation, implementation and certification of a quality management system.

This standard is useful for organizations that need to demonstrate their capacity to provide products or services that meet both customer requirements and applicable regulatory and legal requirements.


 ISCC-EU sustainability certificate

Since June 2015, the company Aetos Trading & Consulting has  ISCC-EU sustainability certificate issued by RINA SINTEX Italy for the trading activity of grains and oilseeds.

Such a certificate for trading activity proves sustainability of biomass acquired or that it comes from plantations that comply with the principles of sustainability:

Protection of areas of high value in terms of biodiversity

Protection of areas with high carbon stock

Protecting peatlands

Sustainable management of farm

With the conditions of sustainability, may be declared as sustainable products from the categories: wheat, canola, sunflower, corn and soya.


Michalis Poutsiakas


Tel.: 004 0769487414

E-mail: mpoutsiakas@aetos.ro

 Alexandru Istudor

Commercial Director

Tel.: 004 0786289662

E-mail: a.istudor@aetos.ro


Mariana Tudorache

Transport Manager

Tel.: 004 0786251018

E-mail: mariana.tudorache@aetos.ro

Alexandru Fratila

Purchasing Agent

Areas: Calarasi, Giurgiu, Teleorman, Arges, Olt

Tel.: 004 0786251020

E-mail: a.fratila@aetos.ro


Catalin Zaharia

Bolintin Warehouse

Tel.: 004 0744653482

E-mail: depozit.bolintin@aetos.ro


Alin Bereanda

Purchasing Agent

Areas: Constanta, Ialomita, Buzau, Vrancea, Tulcea

Tel.: 004 0786251109

E-mail: a.bereanda@aetos.ro


Daniela Istudor

Back Office

Tel.: 004 0786289664

E-mail: daniela.istudor@aetos.ro


Catalin Grigore

Logistics Manager

Tel.: 004 0786289663

E-mail: logistica@aetos.ro




Bd. Unirii nr.80, Bl.J1, Ap.52, Alba Iulia Square, Bucharest


Tel./Fax. : 021 327 6450



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